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Welcome Friends!

Welcome Friends!
October 15, 2009 MePush Web Team


Welcome dear friends! It is with great pleasure that we bring you The Steel Fork. As Ben first put it, “it’s our passions made visible.” It is farming. It is food. It is design. It is the continuation of a journey.

We established Gatski Metal in 2003. We design and create metal sculptures using recycled farm machinery. Ben started welding together old farm equipment in his teens. He made a few pieces for family friends. His primary interest was dairy farming. He went to college for dairy farming, quit and bought a herd of organic dairy cows. In the meantime I {kate} was working for an non-profit sustainable agricultural association, PASA. We met. We put together a few local shows of Ben’s sculptures. We received wonderful local support. Then we dove in; a full-time arts business.

We’ve always maintained the desire to incorporate our passion for design, farming & food! This is it, The Steel Fork. We’re very happy to be here. We hope you are too!

Thanks to the work of Summit Design, Mepush Technology Solutions, The Wild Studio, Good Start Marketing All highly recomended.