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Wouldn’t Have Thought of That!

Wouldn’t Have Thought of That!
December 8, 2016 Kate Gatski

File this under We wouldn’t have thought of that! the tree topper. We often prattle on about being open to your ideas (which we absolutely are), likely to the point where you’re going, “Ok, ok, we got it, Gatskis.” But we repeat it so often because, just with like our own ideas, we love seeing where they lead. And sometimes we are genuinely surprised.

Recently, one of our galleries mentioned they’ve had numerous customers come in looking for star tree toppers. And they didn’t have anything to satisfy these requests. So you know us we said we would be happy to try creating one. We did, and we enjoyed the results so much we decided to offer it in our Etsy shop.

And we found out it was true there are definitely “star tree topper shoppers” (say that fast five times) out there! At least, there were eight who decided pretty quickly that our tree topper was right for them. It is fairly unusual for us to sell multiples in a short amount of time (it’s usually a bit of this and a bit of that), so it has been quite exciting to be amidst a mini rush for the star tree topper!

Of course, that leaves us sharing yet another reminder (I know, I know) to please let us know if you have any thoughts about pieces you’d like to see us make. We love to hear your ideas! And together we might create something fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous)!

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