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Farm & Family

Farm & Family
October 14, 2009 MePush Web Team

There is tremendous beauty and mystery in the farms tucked throughout our countryside. A farm can mean [or be] so many things; its character defined by a family. Our family, near and very far [think new zealand], is not at all a farm family in the traditional sense. Although, I would say we maintain some of the resourcefulness and independence classic in the iconic “farm family.”

These are some of our strong attributes, shared amongst various members.

1. a strong affection for machinery- new and old [you probably could have guessed this one]

2. pleasure in food and flavor… for some butchering [there are direct family roots to that]

3. a passion for finding treasure in strange places

4. desire to design and create

That ought to give you the idea. We aren’t alone. Our family has had a significant impact on our work. Some of them very directly, by creating for The Steel Fork. We’re so happy to bring forward this representation of us.