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Work, Denim and The Creative Life

Work, Denim and The Creative Life
August 20, 2012 MePush Web Team

We are most delighted by that which is simple & practical – a hammer to beat metal with, a sturdy rag rug to stand on or maybe it’s a vat of freshly made butter to cook with. There is nothing quite something that gets the job done, doesn’t complain, performs time and time again, and may even taste good.

What are the most basic things in your life that get the job done? Is it your coffee mug? Or, the tomato plant on the front porch? Or, your wooden spoon.

Appreciating the basics is a little known pleasure.

Finding the basics should be an Olympic sport. It’s no small feat to find something that will stand the test of time – not to mention some tough elements like mud, fire, sharp metal, water.

Denim is one of our basics around here. We are rural (rarely a need for fancy pants).

I love the idea of buying American made denim. Check out Pointer Brand (American made since 1913) for the “worlds best work wear.” Some day, I would like to step up my game with some Imogene + Willie denim. Or, maybe some custom denim by Bow & Arrow?

What are your basics? Got any recommendations for us?

Check out my new pin board called “The Basics.” What would you add?

1. mugs by Ed & Kate Coleman

2. rag rugs by Rebecca Francis

3. serving spoon by Jonathan’s Spoons

4. chore coat by Pointer Brand

5. jeans by Imogene + Willie

6. custom denim by bow and arrow apparel




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