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1 Week Left – FREE DEER HEAD

1 Week Left – FREE DEER HEAD
November 20, 2011 MePush Web Team

The countdown is on! One week left in our FREE Deer Head Giveaway. On the first day of buck season here in Pennsylvania Ben and I will draw the name of one winner of a free deer head ($390 value!). Big times on Gatski Mountain!

Here is how you win….

1. post our website to your facebook page – “have you seen the work of the Gatski’s? here’s their website…. http://gatskimetal.com (or you can get a little more creative than that – if you wish)

2. email me and let me know you did it – easy peasy


1. repeat step 1 with twitter “I love getting occasional emails from these crafters – you can sign up for them too here http://gatskimetal.com/contact

2. email me and let me know you did it -easy peasy


1. if you are like many people I know and love; you do not “do” social media – how about sending someone you know an email-

hope all is well- I wanted to share this website -http://gatskimetal.com with you.  I thought you might enjoy Ben and Kate’s work. I am sending this because they are having a giveaway and they asked me to share their work with my friends and family. Thanks! Take Care

2. email me and let me know you did it – easy peasy

As you have guessed – our goal is to try and find more people who might enjoy knowing about our work. It doesn’t matter so much how you do it- as long as you help us out. You can share something from The Steel Fork, Gatski Metal,  our facebook page, our youtube videos or our etsy shop.

Ben and I will draw the name of the winner on a live video on November 28 at 12PM. Thanks so much for participating!

Thanks for the great buck photo and the man in camo photo.

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  1. Jane 12 years ago

    So wish I had found this before the deadline…..perfect for our “man cave”!!

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