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Spring Dreaming- We Would Love Your Input!

Spring Dreaming- We Would Love Your Input!
April 28, 2016 Kate Gatski

These clear sunny days bring abundant inspiration; all things seem possible. Creative ideas bubble up like, well…spring water. We’ve had so many ideas we can’t decide what to move forward with! So we would love to have your input. Here are our ideas. What do you think? Are there any winners here?
Stories: I have considered creating a compilation of our stories, depicting our creative life and enterprise. I imagine this to be an e-book, available to you and to new Gatski friends.

I have also considered using our metal animals as characters in a fictional story – giving them a life of their own. This one would likely be for younger readers.

Goods: Some of you may remember I have experimented with images of our metal animals on fabric. I continue to ponder the possibilities – t-shirts, pillows, tea-towels – what do you think?

Design: Over the years, we have created many types of pieces – plant stands, picture frames, garden trellises, ornament trees, and many others. We love trying out new ideas! In recent years, we’ve thought about designing more dining tables. Do you have any thoughts on that or other pieces you would like to see?

While the excitement of spring will eventually lessen, we know these ideas and possibilities will linger. You can be certain that we will cherish your thoughts and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to send your input ([email protected]). Thank you very much!

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