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Fueled by…Love

Fueled by…Love
October 15, 2018 Kate Gatski

For the Love of Odd Things… might have to be a working title for our life story. When you go from making a larger-than-life martini sculpture to shipping a metal fox in a box to India “all in a day’s work,” you might have a predisposition for out-of-the-ordinary projects.

But while they may be odd, one thing that’s extra exciting about our unusual undertakings: the love that accompanies them. Sounds silly and cliché, but it’s true (bear with me)!

This summer we had the great pleasure of creating a signature piece (the aforementioned martini sculpture) for the Carlisle Learning Art Center’s mARTini auction (more details here). And our experience reinforced our belief that email words do matter! All communications from the organization’s contact were filled with enthusiasm and gratitude. We were feeling the love (and we weren’t even sipping martinis)!

We also created a custom dog sculpture this summer in honor of a beloved dog named Jacks. He loved gazing into the woods at his home in Connecticut. We created a piece that the owners positioned perfectly so he could resume his watchful post. It was really special creating this piece that had such meaning for its owners. As you might imagine, there was a lot of love inherent in the creative process.

And while it might seem odd to find yourself drawing a large zig-zag pattern on a flattened, old box using broken crayons from your child’s crayon box, our motive was warm-hearted. We were working collaboratively with Artful Home to create this new table design, in an exchange of continual thoughtfulness, kindness, and respect. Win/win!

OK, perhaps I’ve gotten swept up by all the “hearting and loving” going around on social media, but I have definitive evidence that a generous spirit (aka, love) goes along with our rare occupation. One summer evening, while we were out at a neighbor’s wedding, a local scrap dealer/farmer/hauler/barterer of all things we often work with did something unimaginable yet utterly wonderful. Want a hint? Think Amish baked goods!

He left crates (the big flat bread ones) loaded with pies, cookies, and whoopie pies in our pick-up truck to our surprise and delight us, which they certainly did. Evidently, they were made for an auction and did not sell as expected – to our great benefit. We’ve been eating frozen whoopie pies and believing in love ever since! Told ya! 🙂

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