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Gatski Archive 2020

Gatski Archive 2020
February 11, 2020 Kate Gatski
Could it be that you’ve been dying to know… “how do those Gatskis manage their ever-growing collection of work?” It’s a common topic for dinner conversation, I know! (Ha!!)
The eagerly anticipated answer is, “The Archive!” We archive pieces that we will no longer make, so we can make room for fresh new work. These pieces are placed in our official Archive, and are removed from all shops. While we have been archiving annually, this year we are doing a little more “aggressive archiving.” (Sounds like something a mad librarian would do.)
Here are the pieces we will be archived on the last day of this month, February 29th. These pieces will be available for purchase until that time, you can email us if you’re interested. Many thanks!

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