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New Horizons

New Horizons
March 5, 2020 Kate Gatski

February found us fretting again. Our annual excursion to Baltimore for the American Craft Council wholesale show is not far in miles, but it is an extreme change of scenery. Squeezing our sprawling rural selves into a 10-foot square of concrete in the city is an adjustment (to say the least!)…a ten-foot square that, I might add, was flanked tightly on both sides by glass artists. Ben is sure someone has a twisted sense of humor, since this happens to us frequently!

Truthfully, though, it’s not the effort of it all – we don’t shy away from a little labor. And it’s not the neighbors – we always enjoy getting to know our neighbors at the show. Both glass artists were incredibly kind, and it turns out we did a collaborative project with one of them last year and didn’t even know it! (More about that in our email newsletter.)

It’s simply time for a change. The number of both exhibitors and gallery buyers has been declining, and the vitality of the experience has diminished. We have known that. And we have been wondering if it’s time for a new experience. This year made it definite; increased fretting may have been the best indicator. It’s time to find a new opportunity that we will look to with energy and excitement. Yahoo!

I wish I could tell you about this incredible new venue or event we found where we can show our work in person. But truthfully, I am still looking. If any of you know of an art event where you think our work might be a good fit, please let us know. We would love to consider your ideas! Fair warning, though, we will probably be extra picky about where and when – it’s not easy for us to leave our delightful little patch of hilltop! 

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