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  • Oct242019

    The Myth of Balance

    Somewhere in the vast chronicles of the internet, I recently read something like, “balance is a myth.” I was dumbstruck. What?! What about living a life of peaceful harmony for the rest of eternity? Wasn’t that the purpose of all efforts? Uh, nope. Evidently, that was so 1995. It’s 2019 now, and we have a new mantra – balance is

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  • Sep302019

    New Work Fall 2019

    We are very pleased to introduce our new work. We followed our whims! One of our favorites in this new batch is our new Book Table; it proved to be a good design challenge.  We always love to create new work to share with you! As always, let me know if you have any questions about any of these pieces,

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  • Sep162019

    How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

    Your Gatski correspondent has been summering with the children. While we did our fair share of cleaning cupboards, closets, and under beds (though you wouldn’t know it the way by looks now!), we also fully embraced baking projects, library visits, pool time, craft workshops, sports pursuits…and, notably, several adventures with Grandma and Nana. The kids are lucky to have two

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  • Aug022019

    Race Cars and Overalls

    Q&A Between Us In tribute to the lighter days of the season, I thought it might be fun to do a little Q&A – to show you how differences can live happily between Ben and I! What would surprise people about you? Ben: I can butcher pigs, and make scrapple (a Pennsylvania Dutch staple). Kate: Give me a fast car

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  • May242019

    Rocket Giveaway

    Contest by Rewards Fuel.

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  • May222019

    Our Own Way

    While Bob Ross has us believing in “happy little clouds” and “happy little trees,” an artistic pursuit is not always so, well…“happy.” I often feel like, dare I say it, there is tension in it. We find ourselves stretching to create something unexpected while also trying to build upon well-established designs. This can feel like more like tug-of-war, and less

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  • May012019

    May Giveaway

    Hi friends, We’re doing a little spring cleaning. And, we have had this lovely piece in our packing shed, and it’s ready for it’s forever home. We’re giving it away to one lucky winner on our email newsletter list. Enter below… Contest by Rewards Fuel.

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  • Apr302019

    Not Alone

    The truth is, we have a hearty dose of “I’ll just do it myself” around here (also known as stubbornness). It can get the job done, but it doesn’t always make for the best results. It’s taken us a bit longer to learn that, well…we can’t do it alone. We just shot a new video with Tyler (watch it here).

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  • Apr242019

    Making a Gatski – New Video!

    We’re very excited to share our new video with you! You can watch us sitting down with a sketchbook, dreaming up an idea and putting the hammer o the metal! The only thing missing is all of you, who make our creative freedom possible with your encouragement and support!

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  • Mar182019

    Defining a Gatski

    “Um, that one!” I exclaim. Ben points in the other direction and says, “How about that one?” If we were to imagine that Ben and I were picking out a sofa, it’s likely we would each choose something different. I would gravitate toward something modern in a neutral color. Ben would choose one more basic or rustic in an earthy

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