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  • Feb112020

    Looking Up- A New Collection of Gatskis

    Coming Soon! Very soon we will be introducing you to our new collection of Gatski pieces. This January Ben and I challenged ourselves to create both joyful and hopeful pieces, as we were designing and creating this new collection. As each day passed in our designing process we found ourselves, “Looking Up!” We will introduce our new work one-by-one on

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  • Jan312020

    American Craft Council Wholesale Days in Baltimore

    Hi dears! We are once again exhibiting at the Wholesale portion of the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore Feburary 19th and 20th, 2020. We hope to see our dear Gatski Gallery buyers there. You can find us in Booth # WO-3. Let us know if you are unable to make the show, we can get your order on our

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  • Jan302020

    In the Workshop

    Given that it’s January, we Gatskis are probably mug in hand, feet propped up on a metal table, watching the flames flicker in the wood stove.  Well…maybe. That has been known to happen.  But right now, believe it or not, we’re making sparks fly – not just watching them. This January has been brightened up by a fun project for

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  • Jan302020

    Handmade with Heart – Valentines Day!

    Hello dear friends, Just popping in to mention that we are happy to create a special Valentines Day gift for your loved one. We have been loving (!) the heart shape lately, so we have several heart-art (am I overdoing it?!) pieces to share. If you are interested in giving a Gatski heart for Valentines Day, please do let us

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  • Dec072019

    As We Are, And Will Be Here

    I am starting to hear an echo. Is this story one I’ve told before? It sure sounds like it.  This month I wanted to tell you about some new and interesting pieces we’re creating in collaboration with our customers (a base for a wooden tabletop one of you made from an old fence!), what’s popular this time of year (tree

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  • Nov262019

    Your Gatski Holiday Orders

    Tis the season! We hope you might consider giving a Gatski this holiday season! Here are some details for you: •We can take holiday orders until Wednesday December 18th. As that date approaches we may need to consider expedited shipping (depending where you are)! Please email us if you are unsure about when your order will arrive. •We are always

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  • Oct282019

    Giveaway!! Sunflower Wall Sculpture

    online contest

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  • Oct242019

    The Myth of Balance

    Somewhere in the vast chronicles of the internet, I recently read something like, “balance is a myth.” I was dumbstruck. What?! What about living a life of peaceful harmony for the rest of eternity? Wasn’t that the purpose of all efforts? Uh, nope. Evidently, that was so 1995. It’s 2019 now, and we have a new mantra – balance is

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  • Sep302019

    New Work Fall 2019

    We are very pleased to introduce our new work. We followed our whims! One of our favorites in this new batch is our new Book Table; it proved to be a good design challenge.  We always love to create new work to share with you! As always, let me know if you have any questions about any of these pieces,

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  • Sep162019

    How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

    Your Gatski correspondent has been summering with the children. While we did our fair share of cleaning cupboards, closets, and under beds (though you wouldn’t know it the way by looks now!), we also fully embraced baking projects, library visits, pool time, craft workshops, sports pursuits…and, notably, several adventures with Grandma and Nana. The kids are lucky to have two

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