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  • Apr302019

    Not Alone

    The truth is, we have a hearty dose of “I’ll just do it myself” around here (also known as stubbornness). It can get the job done, but it doesn’t always make for the best results. It’s taken us a bit longer to learn that, well…we can’t do it alone. We just shot a new video with Tyler (watch it here).

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  • Apr242019

    Making a Gatski – New Video!

    We’re very excited to share our new video with you! You can watch us sitting down with a sketchbook, dreaming up an idea and putting the hammer o the metal! The only thing missing is all of you, who make our creative freedom possible with your encouragement and support!

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  • Mar182019

    Defining a Gatski

    “Um, that one!” I exclaim. Ben points in the other direction and says, “How about that one?” If we were to imagine that Ben and I were picking out a sofa, it’s likely we would each choose something different. I would gravitate toward something modern in a neutral color. Ben would choose one more basic or rustic in an earthy

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  • Feb192019

    All Heads On Deck

    As our children enter their middle-grade to teen years, our schedules grow fuller with practices, games, and lessons. This likely comes as no surprise to many of you, but it is something we’re having to grow accustomed to. What was once “all hands on deck” is now “all heads on deck.” It’s more of a brain game – whether it’s

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  • Feb052019

    Spring Fever!

    We created just a couple new pieces in January! We must have had some serious spring fever! We always say that we “create what we can see or imagine before us.” Seeing that first Robin in spring is always an exciting moment! We definitely enjoy sharing our hilltop with the Robins. And, we’ve certainly been sharing the garden with many

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  • Jan222019

    If It’s Broke…

    Early adopters, modern pioneers, on the cutting edge…nope, nope, and nope. None of the above apply to us. Where’s the box for “occasionally, reluctantly updating”? We tend to make do. In fact, in our world that old adage – you know, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” – sometimes becomes “even if it is broke, don’t fix it.” We

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  • Dec222018

    Happy Holidays!!

    We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! We are taking a short break for the holidays and will return to our creative enterprise on January 2, 2019. We are looking forward to connecting with you then! Enjoy your festivities!

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  • Nov242018

    Cardinal Giveaway

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Nov212018

    Art of the Heart

    Sometimes it’s hard to remember why we settled ourselves and our work at the top of this hill. Our location brings plenty of challenges our way. But the truth is that we love it. And lately, our art has been sending us a not-so-subtle reminder. This year, an airing of our grievances might include some remark about our need to

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  • Oct312018

    New Collection of Gatskis October 2018

    We are very excited to share our fresh, new Gatski designs with you! We enjoyed creating these new pieces. Some were a collaboration, some were all our own, and honestly some were last minute additions. We can say that all of them were made with love! In fact, we clearly have “love” theme going in this collection, as is evidenced

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