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  • May152018

    Spring 2018 Gatski Collection

    We’re so happy to introduce you to our new collection of pieces: Tudor Moose Red Trillium Sunflower (Wall) Mum in a Vase Garland Dahlia (Wall) Cat (Name to be determined) Bear (Name to be determined)

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  • Apr122018

    The Lab Lane

    There are country roads, superhighways, canal paths, byways, rail trails, boulevards, and all manner of corridors from one location to another. But have you ever heard of a lab lane? No? That’s fair. We might just have an exclusive on that particular kind of passageway up here on our little hillside. We more commonly refer to this lab lane as

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  • Mar152018

    The Tour

    We’d be happy to give you a shop tour pretty much any time – whether you zip up on a four-wheeler or tune in by video from a conference room. (Both of these occurred recently.) Actually, we’ve had visitors arrive in all manner of ways over the years. Some ride up in the back of pickup trucks, some arrive in

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  • Feb132018

    Gatski and Gepetto

    wonderful photo above by Hej Coffee, thank you!  Ben’s mom once compared our lives to the story of Pinocchio. Not because we’re liars – haha! –  but because Ben is a bit like Gepetto, the woodcarver in the story who creates a wooden puppet and wants it to be real. Ben might not be looking for quite the same results,

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  • Jan242018

    The 2018 Gatski Metal Catalog

      Hi friends! We’re very happy to share our new 2018 Gatski Metal catalog with you. It represents the best of our new work and old favorites! We hope you will have a quick look. You can click on each piece to get to more information about it. As always, please do let us know if you have any questions

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  • Jan232018

    Artist Discovery

    Art by Pamela Zagarenski It can get a little stuffy in January. Partly because we dare not open the window (if we do, we risk turning into a yeti), but partly because there’s a lot of thought about what I’m going to do and what I’m changing. While I do believe some me, me, me can be quite positive, it

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  • Jan102018

    Out with the old… Archiving

    Out with the old… we’re archiving! On February 1, 2018 these pieces will be archived. You can view our archives here. We believe in making room for the Gatskis yet to come… in with the new!  We’re looking forward to creating another new collection of Gatskis this spring… stay tuned!

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  • Dec192017

    Treading Carefully

    Lest you think it’s all hot cocoa by warm firesides up here on the hill, let me assure you that it’s actually more like tripping over tree stumps in the dark. One recent (dark!) evening, Ben was walking from the shop to the house and a stump jumped out in front of him. Thankfully he was fine, but he sure

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  • Nov202017

    Your Gatski Gifts!

    The holidays are here! We are excited to be working on your special gifts! It brings us great pleasure to make unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for your dear friends and family. You can shop for Gatski gifts on our website or in our Etsy shop. You can also email us your order, and we will send you an invoice. If you have any trouble

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  • Nov122017

    Yay! It’s a Gatski Metal Giveaway!

    We have a winner! Thank you all for entering out 2017 annual giveaway. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and support for it! We wish we could send you all one, but sadly we cannot. Thanks again!! We’re so excited to announce our 2017 annual giveaway! Ben and I decided that our Monte the Moose would make a lovely friend for

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