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As We Are, And Will Be Here

As We Are, And Will Be Here
December 7, 2019 Kate Gatski

I am starting to hear an echo. Is this story one I’ve told before? It sure sounds like it. 

This month I wanted to tell you about some new and interesting pieces we’re creating in collaboration with our customers (a base for a wooden tabletop one of you made from an old fence!), what’s popular this time of year (tree toppers), some of our funny experiences in running a small business (we can’t change some of our light bulbs in the shop because the tractor loaders we use for the job are both broken), and our deep gratitude to you (we met a customer on a recent trip who now has six or seven Gatskis in her house!). 

These are new stories, but they are also the general narration of our lives; tales that feels as if they’ve been told. It’s inhibiting me from sharing. Shouldn’t we be doing new and exciting things? Why am I always writing the same stories?

But then I realized this is our life. It will shift, but it also stays the same. 

So instead of holding back, I’m embracing these truths, and shifting the way I think about my updates. You may not notice much of a change, but I wanted to share because your loyalty is so incredibly meaningful to us.  We want you to know what’s going on. 

I’ve identified what I’m thinking of as “columns” to share from regularly. Things will look much the same, but you may also find comfort in looking for old favorites–maybe you love stories about the seasons of work we find ourselves in (and of course, the actual shifting of seasons…you know I love a weather report!). Or maybe you look forward to hearing where in the world our moose and other Gatski pieces have ended up. Either way, we have you covered!

Here’s what I came up with:

  • In the Shop (things we’re created or are working on)
  • Gatskis in the World (our pieces in others’ homes, shipping adventures, and more)
  • Running a Small Business (running a creative business, including the challenges and joys)
  • Shifting Seasons (the actual seasons, of course but also seasons of work)
  • The Creative World (other artists we admire, handmade gift options for special times of year that include your items, and more)
  • Grateful and Humbled (we are always, always grateful for you)

If there’s something you’d like us to share that you’re not seeing, please do let me know! We always love hearing from you.

Of course, these may shift over time. That happens here on the hill. But, for the time being I am looking forward to more focus in my ramblings. Perhaps I can at least “overthink” with some sharpness (ha!).  Lately, I’ve been thinking about small acts of kindness, how you offer it to us on the regular, and how much of a positive impact it has on our everyday! That would be, “Grateful and Humbled.” Look how quick I’m catching on! 

Ok, back to the details… with the holidays fast approaching, I also want to mention that you can order your Gatski holiday gifts until December 18th – we may have to consider expedited shipping as it gets closer. If you are ever wondering about whether you will receive an order when you need it – please feel free to email us.

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