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  • Nov122017

    A Nutty Season

    “It’s a nut year!” my mother has declared. And I would have to agree. It seems like everywhere we go, the ground is crunching beneath our feet. We step on acorns and teeter around on the walnuts that have fallen by the hundreds at our children’s bus stop. While this “nut year” might not seem notable (after all, it’s always

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  • Nov052017

    New Fall Collection

    We’re excited to share our new collection of pieces with you! We enjoyed creating each one of these! Thank you for following along as we share. We had fun creating this Antler Wall Sculpture. We have always enjoyed the antler design form, and these were a chance to focus solely on that. We always enjoy spotting Red Cardinals, especially in

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  • Oct162017

    Sleigh Delivery Service

    You know that hot air balloon delivery service I keep talking about? No? Well, I’ve been dreaming about it for a while. And I’ve decided it’ll be seasonal – summer is the perfect time for a balloon ride. And then for the fall, I’m thinking about a flying sleigh (who is Santa to have an exclusive on that one?!). I

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  • Sep132017

    The Mythical Point System

    If I were hyper-systematic (a funny thought, right?), I might dream up a points system to help us prioritize our shipping schedule. Each time we received an order I could assign it a value, so we’d know what needed to ship when. It could go something like this: Need-now’s – 1 point (we completely understand) Kindness – 2 points (and

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  • Aug292017

    The Domino Trade

    Recently, our creativity has been on vacation. It could tell we didn’t really need it just now, so it said, “Fine by me! I’m going to the beach. Call me when you finish your…bookkeeping! Ha!” (I think it was a little disgruntled, since it’s usually so indispensable.) But while did feel a little strange to have our creativity gone, it

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  • Jul252017

    Bobby Pin Sculpture

    I’ve come to realize how much you bring to the table (hint: a lot). I know I’ve said it many times before, but we love making your ideas come to life. This was definitely true with a recent custom project. It started when we received general email inquiry from our website. A woman whose daughter had played Matilda in the

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  • Jun072017

    New Gatski Film

    We so very excited to share our new video with you! We had a lot of fun working with a videographer; he helped us show who we are and what we do. We hope you will take a moment to watch it, and consider sharing it with your friends and family. Thanks so much for watching! And, as always thank you

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  • May222017

    New Work Spring 2017

    We’re excited to introduce you to our Spring Collection of new work! Listed here as shown (from left to right, top to bottom) Star Wreath Star Table Bat Sculpture Roxy the Reindeer Crescent Moon Bench Poinsettia Wreath Thanks for following along! We really appreciate your support!

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  • May222017

    Our Maker Lab

    Yesterday our son had a chance to go to a maker lab at a nearby school. He loved it! So what is a maker lab? From what I gather, it’s exactly as it sounds – a place to make stuff. Think hot glue guns and popsicle sticks…plus they had a 3D printer (fun!). It recently occurred to me that what

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  • Apr172017

    Out and About

    I know almost nothing about the theater business, but I believe we’ve had what those in the know might call a “set change.” While our work has always traveled great distances, we’ve stayed mostly tucked into the same set – our little hillside – until recent years. Uh oh! The Gatskis are loose!   As our children have gotten older,

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