• Feb142017

    Cha Cha Cha!

    I just realized this year that we follow the same routine each January and February as we create new work and get ready for an annual wholesale show. Sometimes routines can make me feel predictable and dull – so to balance it all out, we’re going to add a little cha cha cha! So I now present to you a

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  • Feb142017

    New Gatski Metal Catalog

     We’re so happy to share our new 2017 Gatski Metal catalog. Here you can view our newest pieces, and some of our old favorites!

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  • Jan172017

    A Creative Kickstart

    We have a secret. No, we’re not polka dancers, but good guess. Ready? Here it is: Making your Gatski is a lot easier when we know you. Don’t worry – we don’t need your weekly calendar, family tree, or FitBit report. But a few simple details can really help us create your piece; a bit about where you are, what

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  • Dec082016

    Wouldn’t Have Thought of That!

    File this under We wouldn’t have thought of that! – the tree topper. We often prattle on about being open to your ideas (which we absolutely are), likely to the point where you’re going, “Ok, ok, we got it, Gatskis.” But we repeat it so often because, just with like our own ideas, we love seeing where they lead. And

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  • Nov282016

    Your Gatski Gifts & Free Shipping

    Dear friends, The holidays are upon us! We hope you have a few moments to enjoy a simple pleasure – a hot cup of tea, a slice of pie, a walk in the woods, or whatever may bring you joy. We sending an extra note this month because we are excited to be working on your holiday gifts! It brings

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  • Nov132016

    It’s a Giveway! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!

    Yay! It’s a Gatski Giveaway. Woot! Woot! We will are giving away one Dale the Deer metal wall sculpture. Enter below to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway We will notify the winner via email and announce it here on November 27th. The prize is non-exchangeable, and non-transferable. No purchase is necessary. Winner will be chosen at random. We will cover delivery

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  • Nov112016

    The Linchpin

    Trying is the linchpin in our design formula. Perhaps that makes it all seem a little simplistic. But truthfully, for us, it all boils down to trying things when creating new work. “Well, let’s try sketching that out.” “Why don’t we try making that bigger.” “We’ve wanted to try that for years now.” “Let’s just try it, and see how

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  • Oct162016

    Shipping Adventures

    Shipping is always an adventure around here. I’m thinking some of the shipping services out there should sponsor a roller coaster. Maybe they could call it the Tracking Shocker or Shipmare. Recently, tracking one of our larger tables across the country to Las Vegas certainly felt like a wild — and scream-worth — ride. The tracking information showed the package

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  • Sep152016

    Your Places

    Not everyone loves email.  But we are avid emailers, and we love it when our customers send an email to let us know their Gatski piece arrived. Knowing it made the trip safely and that the customer is happy brings a huge sigh of relief. And, getting a photo of the Gatski in their home is icing on the cake.

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  • Aug212016

    Imagining Where You Are

    This month we’re excited to try something different! We’ll be sharing a new story here on the blog and then sharing another in our monthly email newsletter. If you want to be sure not to miss a single one, sign up for our emails here. We’ll include a link to the latest blog post in each email. While I often

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