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Not Alone

Not Alone
April 30, 2019 Kate Gatski

The truth is, we have a hearty dose of “I’ll just do it myself” around here (also known as stubbornness).

It can get the job done, but it doesn’t always make for the best results. It’s taken us a bit longer to learn that, well…we can’t do it alone.

We just shot a new video with Tyler (watch it here). In preparation for the video, I was putting together a rough outline of what we wanted to share. I spent way too much time crafting three different documents, none of which were well suited for a one-minute video. I was getting way too deep (shocker, I know!). It was like I was preparing to write a thesis about our design process. As part of me knew would happen, Tyler was quickly able to reduce our process into a few key thoughts. He definitely knows how to use words and visuals to convey ideas with ease.

We can’t do it alone.

In the coming weeks, you might see us sharing pictures of some fun projects. We’ll be working on some sketches of seabirds like a ptarmigan, a puffin, and a seagull. We’ll also be creating an extra-large letter “L” painted in Exuberant Pink (I can’t wait)! We’re also going to start in on some holiday tree bottle toppers; one customer has started a tradition by ordering custom toppers each year to give as gifts. All of these wonderful ideas have come not from us, but you! They’re all a credit to your vision and imagination.

We can’t do it alone.

Last Saturday, we had visitors come pick up a table they’d ordered. They were passing through from Vermont, heading back to their home in south-central Pennsylvania. It’s always a pleasure to meet our customers. You are always such genuine, down-to-earth, thoughtful people. This lovely couple had a real appreciation for, and commitment to, supporting artisan-made, local pieces. I felt very grateful that they took the time to drive out of their way, up long and bumpy roads, to support people like us. It is truly remarkable.

Reminds me again that we can’t do it alone!

And as you may have noticed, so much of this support is from you. Whether you’re leading us toward new Gatski designs or endowing us with your incredible support, you are most definitely right here with us.

In fact, I think I hear an echo in the hills around me. It seems to be saying something like, “You’re not alone!”

Thank you for being here with us.

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