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The Myth of Balance

The Myth of Balance
October 24, 2019 Kate Gatski

Somewhere in the vast chronicles of the internet, I recently read something like, “balance is a myth.” I was dumbstruck. What?! What about living a life of peaceful harmony for the rest of eternity? Wasn’t that the purpose of all efforts? Uh, nope. Evidently, that was so 1995. It’s 2019 now, and we have a new mantra – balance is not possible. Well, you forward-thinking millennials might just be onto something. 

One of the negative aspects of being up here on our little hill is that it’s easy to lose perspective on the bigger world out there. But hey, all we need is a trip to the Bloomsburg Fair, right?! The kids have been entering photographs in the Fair each year, which has given us a chance to look closely at all the entries in the Arts & Crafts buildings. It is truly mind-boggling to see all the incredible, creative projects made by people in our area, from crocheted dragons to elaborate beadwork. So many of you are so skilled and imaginative in your creative endeavors. It is truly inspiring, and it broadens our world a bit every time we attend the Fair! 

But as our new mantra states, balance (in this case, a sense of worldliness to even out all the time we spend up on the hill) is not quite achieved. Fried Oreos and mozzarella are involved, and those always seem to tip the scales a bit.

Speaking of food and balance, there’s an oxymoron at it’s finest. Dinner and after-school activities don’t coexist in perfect unity (breaking news, I know). With three different soccer teams, along with weekly music and horse lessons, proper dinner is a challenge for us. But while the curried shrimp and jambalaya plan might have been a little ambitious (we never did make that), it certainly doesn’t stop me from trying. After all, as the younger folks are so apt to remind me, I should take comfort in the fact that perfection is a fantasy and trying is commendable. Thank you Gen Y. (Though to give my generation credit, we may have had this all along…we just called it, “you win some, you lose some.”) 

In other non-balance news, we got our new work photographed a couple of weeks ago. Some pieces always photograph better than others, and I am not very good at predicting which ones will be strong and which ones will be just eh. I was pleasantly surprised with how our new Book Table photographed, and not as thrilled with our new Earth Person. It has nothing to do with our dear photographer, but everything to do with the colors, lines, and design of the piece. 

As I might say, “you win some, you lose some.” Or, another might more gently suggest, there is no such thing as balance.” And I get it.  We have come to know that everything we do is beautifully serendipitous. Balance is a myth. I really think you’re on to something!

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