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Bang! Creative Momentum

Bang! Creative Momentum
September 8, 2012 MePush Web Team


What pushes you over the creative edge?  It’s often less than illustrious- a routine? an annoyance? or  a need? Maybe it’s what you do everyday or it’s something you can’t stand anymore or you simply can’t afford to buy it.

For us, it’s a simple as a list that says, “make new stuff.” No exactly a shot gun start, is it?

No worries if you’re having trouble getting started on a project – and you’re just not “feeling it.” Maybe you just need to add it to your “to do” list. Once you get going – you might just find that you can’t stop.  Momentum is a beautiful thing.

We found ourselves with a little momentum recently. It all started with a little list that turned into two photo shoots and new console tables, folk art sculptures and a batch of round tables in tribute to vintage farm machinery. My introduction to the first batch is here.  Check out all our new work here in this lookbook.

Here’s to slow starts and big endings!

1. Coat of Arms Wall Sculpture

2. Green Box Console Table – One of a Kind

3. Ford Coffee Table – One of a Kind (sold)

4. Deutz Round Table




Comments (2)

  1. sj 12 years ago

    love the pipe end table

    • kate 12 years ago

      Thanks so much! We appreciate it!

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