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Watch Ben Make “Dale the Deer Head”

Watch Ben Make “Dale the Deer Head”
March 6, 2013 MePush Web Team


Our home is tucked in a swath of tall trees. Just beyond it – fields unfold far into the middle distance. These fields seem run directly into a distant hillside. It’s a fantastic view. From our front windows, we see all type of animals traveling across the fields – hawks, wild turkeys, coyotes, fox, and many, many deer.

For as often as we see them – we still enjoy pointing them out to each other. Deer are a part of our everyday.  They give us pleasure.

Our Deer Head wall sculpture is a natural interpretation of our everyday. It is handmade using thick steel from weathered farm machinery. The antlers start out as flat pieces of rusty metal. We hand hammer them into shape and grind them smooth. We then hand draw the head pattern on the metal with soapstone and cut it with a hand held plasma cutter. Next we weld the shapes together to form the head. Finally, we mount the head on a recycled corn planter disk.

Watch it all happen in the video above!

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