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At Work

At Work
April 24, 2014 MePush Web Team

Work is timeless – it’s about hauling, heaving, bending, sawing, grinding and welding. Inspiration comes when it’s good and ready [just like spring].

Sometimes it takes the skilled eye of a photographer to give meaning to this everyday work. Our office assistant Megan has a passion for photography. She took the pictures below as part of a class she is taking at the University.  In her words…

I shot these pictures with an old analogue (film) camera handed down to me from my grandfather. This black and white method of developing and printing photographs mirrors the time and effort Ben puts into each piece of his own artwork. It was a pleasure to observe the process by which this metal art is created and be able to share a bit of it from my point of view. -Megan 


Ben-Bending-1024x681 1

Sparks_Fly-678x1024 2

Hammer_and_Anvil94a5c1.jpeg 3

Weldingdd1801.jpeg 4

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