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May 14, 2015 MePush Web Team

Math is not my strong suit (thankfully, Ben has a knack for it). I can imagine straight distances, but circumference eludes me.

But of course, in our work, circumference comes up a lot. We’re always cutting, welding, and grinding all the way around the outside of a piece.

We were recently fine-tuning a new eagle design with two seams all the way around. Ben mentioned it would require 20 feet of welding. I thought, Really? How can that possibly be? How can such a small shape have such a huge amount of distance around the outside?

But of course, as usual, I learn something during these times of surprise. In doing our work, as well as in life, it is worth understanding what it takes to go all the way around. (Oh, and it turns out, 9th grade geometry is actually quite useful.)

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