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The Truck

The Truck
June 12, 2015 MePush Web Team


Our pickup truck is on our top ten list of essential tools. We tend to purchase older trucks and try to run them as long as they will go (thanks for your help with that, George).

We took our last pickup to the bitter end — and once it got there, we then decided to make tables out of it. Ironically, the tables went to Ford in Dearborn, Michigan – full circle, if you will.

Our current truck is holding up pretty well — we’re not planning to make tables from it anytime soon. But it did have some rust spots that needed fixing before we got it inspected.

Ben decided that since we’ve been practicing our sheet metal work for over twelve years now, maybe we should try the bodywork ourselves. For his first try, it doesn’t look too shabby. Hopefully we can keep this truck going even longer!


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