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Bobby Pin Sculpture

Bobby Pin Sculpture
July 25, 2017 Kate Gatski

I’ve come to realize how much you bring to the table (hint: a lot). I know I’ve said it many times before, but we love making your ideas come to life. This was definitely true with a recent custom project.

It started when we received general email inquiry from our website. A woman whose daughter had played Matilda in the musical on Broadway wanted our help. Each time her daughter played the part, her hair required an incredible number of bobby pins. They had saved them all, and wanted us to create a small piece of art that resembled Matilda’s final pose in the show.

I was immediately taken by her story, and eager to help with such a creative project.

After some back and forth, we decided to move forward with some sketches. Ben created a few possible options, rough with pencil and paper (as he does), and they were well received.

So the mom sent us a large amount of bobby pins and we got to work. Ben created a simple metal form for the sculpture, and then began hand-forming hundreds of bobby pins into shape. (You can catch a glimpse of him doing this here.) At the end of each day of work, he sent an in-progress photo to the mom.

It was a magical process, whereby simple (though memory-laden) objects became so…much…more. And while we were slow and thoughtful with the creation process, this piece couldn’t have become what it did without its vision for which we can take absolutely no credit.

So if you’re ever wondering how we come up with all our ideas, I can tell you plainly, “ we don’t!” You play a huge part in so many of the wonderful things we create.

Thank you to Matilda’s mom for her sheer brilliance in imagining the possibility simple hair pins could hold!

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