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  • Mar042010

    Kate’s Kitchen- Homemade Pizza

    I find bliss in the kitchen- particularly when working on something simple and a tad creative. No need to run- I think you can too. I am all about simple. 1. 2. 3.- ta da! Friday nights are pizza nights around here. Here’s how I make homemade pizza (recipe makes 2 pizzas)… 1. Mix      2. Let Rise (and read a

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  • Feb262010

    Art & Agriculture- Carrie Marill

    Over at Gatski Metal we are fond of our little saying, “We use simple hand tools to honor the enduring traditions of art and agriculture.”  There is something profound about the role of agriculture in art. For us, it’s an instinct thing- not an intellectual thing. Yes! I love that. By golly- it’s a farm. Not to be too simplistic-

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  • Feb222010

    Friends in Boots – Wild For Salmon

    Welcome to the first installment of Friends In Boots! You must be up to something when you’re wearing barn boots, right? Farming, fishing, making cheese or maybe just standing around talking. Whatever the case, there’s a story to tell.  First boots,  friends and neighbors… Steve and Jenn Kurian of Wild For Salmon. This past weekend we got together with Steve

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  • Feb092010

    All New Garden Markers Made with Old Silver Spoons

    Yesterday I was hinting around about gardens…. it must be the approach of another big winter snow storm that has me all stirred up. Or… maybe it’s because over at Gatski Metal we’re busy bees preparing for the Buyers Market of American Craft Show this weekend. Either way- I seem to have a lot of extra zip .

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  • Feb082010

    Spring Will Come.

    It’s nice to have a few distractions this time of year. Something to remind us that, “spring will come.”  An image perhaps or a good seed catalog –  I enjoy the Fedco Catalog. Winter garden dreams are fantastic. Anything is possible…. Photo courtesy of Tom Curtis. Indeed! It is possible. Get started with some

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  • Feb042010

    Gatski Giveaway!

    Want to win a butcher hook featuring the signature Gatski pig (a $125 value)? Simply share our new newsletter with your friends and family on your favorite social networking site and then email [email protected] and let her know that you spread the word. The giveaway ends Monday, February 8 at 12 am. One winner will be selected at random and

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  • Jan262010

    All New on The Steel Fork!

    We’re thrilled to share our fresh collection of handmade goods for Spring 2010! 1. Recycled Farm Steel Bar Table 2. Cleaver Hook 3. Tractor Pull Pillow 4. Baler Needle Table 5. Round Necklace- Recycled Hydraulic Oil Can 6. Recycled Steel Hoops There’s more, have a quick peruse At Home on The Steel Fork and of course you must have a

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  • Jan142010

    Our Cup of Tea

    A cup of tea is a chance for a fresh moment. Sip. Pause. Begin again. It is a wee little chance to start anew. We drink alot of tea. We’re big on “new”- not in a mall shopping kind of way but in an keep it creative kind of way. Speaking of keeping it new,

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  • Jan092010

    100 Artists Show “Nourish & Sustain”- The Honeybee

    We are very happy to give you the first look at our Gatski Metal piece for the 100 Artists Show, “Nourish & Sustain” – presented by the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery. We were among the 100 artists to be sent a large empty food can to be used as a starting point for our piece of art. Artwork will be

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  • Jan092010

    Winter Reading- The River Cottage Cookbook

    My dear sister gave me The River Cottage Cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for Christmas. I just began perusing it last evening. Sitting by the fire, waiting for our Friday night pizza to finish baking. It was a a lovely moment. The River Cottage Cookbook is rich with tips and inspiration- familiar yet fresh. As I work my way through it-

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