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Art & Agriculture- Carrie Marill

Art & Agriculture- Carrie Marill
February 26, 2010 MePush Web Team

Over at Gatski Metal we are fond of our little saying, “We use simple hand tools to honor the enduring traditions of art and agriculture.”  There is something profound about the role of agriculture in art.

For us, it’s an instinct thing- not an intellectual thing. Yes! I love that. By golly- it’s a farm. Not to be too simplistic- but therein is the beauty of farming, food and art. Oh so simple and yet full of story, flavor and beauty.

In my recent forays into the handmade bounty online- I discovered the work of Dolan Geiman- [fantastic].  “We are kindred spirits,” as they recently mentioned and I wholeheartedly agree. It was thanks to the Dolan Geiman blog that I discovered the work of Carrie Marill.  Wow! And so begins another new feature, “Yes! Art & Agriculture.”

Do take a moment and check out Carrie Marill’s work. It really is incredible.

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