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Friends in Boots – Wild For Salmon

Friends in Boots – Wild For Salmon
February 22, 2010 MePush Web Team

Welcome to the first installment of Friends In Boots! You must be up to something when you’re wearing barn boots, right? Farming, fishing, making cheese or maybe just standing around talking. Whatever the case, there’s a story to tell.  First boots,  friends and neighbors… Steve and Jenn Kurian of Wild For Salmon.

This past weekend we got together with Steve and Jenn and did some butchering [it’s a bit of a hobby]. We share a love for food from somewhere we’ve been or can easily imagine.  Steve and Jenn travel to Alaska every year to harvest wild salmon for customers all across the mid-Atlantic states. They endure all kinds of crazy conditions on the Alaskan waters, ship the salmon east and then peddle it at small farmers markets.

They are pioneers in almost every way. They are incredibly hearty people with enough skills to survive the wilderness of well, Alaska. We have alot of admiration for their work bringing fresh, wild and delicious salmon back to the plates of Pennsylvania.

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