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Resting & Reading

Resting & Reading
May 10, 2012 MePush Web Team

It’s been about two weeks since I launched our ebook. I took a little time to gather myself. I loved writing this ebook for you. There were some challenging moments when words would not come, sickness came and time came and went too fast.

Those passed and we kept plugging away. I’m really glad we did.  The book found its mark.

 This is FABULOUS – really, one of the best ebooks on the topic I’ve read! – Etsy’s Seller Education Coordinator

Thank you to all of you who’ve purchased the book! I am here to answer your questions. Send them along as you get started with your daily practice.

Are you soaking up the spring sun and getting dirty in the garden?  What a rejuvenating time of year it is.

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  1. Wayne 12 years ago

    Lots of sun at work gardening with students and a few moments here at home.

  2. kate 12 years ago

    That is wonderful! We have had a great mix of sun and rain to keep things growing. Thanks Wayne.

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