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Our Maker Lab

Our Maker Lab
May 22, 2017 Kate Gatski

Yesterday our son had a chance to go to a maker lab at a nearby school. He loved it!

So what is a maker lab? From what I gather, it’s exactly as it sounds – a place to make stuff. Think hot glue guns and popsicle sticks…plus they had a 3D printer (fun!).

It recently occurred to me that what we have right here on Gatski Mountain is a lot like a maker lab. Because really, where there are tools, raw material, and a little creative willpower, things get made.

So in between our “regular” work of creating metalwork for your homes, there is a flurry of other activity. Various family members are making things right and left, like knives and hatchets, jewelry of all kinds, fidget spinners (the latest kid craze), and costume accessories. (Don’t worry, the kids aren’t making the knives and hatchets.)

But though we have so much going on, it’s not likely that we’ll open up our space to the public any time soon. Why? I’m guessing Ben probably wouldn’t be interested in putting a pause on his welding to help with something like finger knitting. Ha!

But it’s nice to know though that, if nothing else, we have options.

And I’m hoping that the next time I get frustrated by what I see as a mess in our work space I can just shrug and remember, It’s ok, it’s a maker lab!  

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