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Holiday Gatskis!

Holiday Gatskis!
December 2, 2021 Kate Gatski

Happy December! Wow! This year has been a speedy one! We’re happy the holiday season has arrived! We love celebrating together!

I wanted to pop in to provide an update about Giving Gatskis this holiday season. Our shipping times are delayed, Ben is hustling on your orders as I write. We have been delighted to receive many orders this season, and throughout this year (thank you!). We are keeping a close watch on the calendar, and we will make sure to get your orders out in time for Christmas. As always, do not be afraid to send a note to us if you’re wondering where your order is on our list. You are never bothering us. We are always happy to hear from you!

If you’re thinking about ordering now, feel free to email if you do need it by a certain date. We will see what we can do! Many thanks for your support of our work. It means the world to us!

We hope you enjoy all your holiday preparations and festivities! Let’s celebrate this beautiful time of year, and the peace and joy it brings!

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