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Valentines Love!

Valentines Love!
January 19, 2023 Kate Gatski

Love where you are! Love what you do! Love your people! Our designs are coming straight from the heart. We do seem to  have a thing for the heart! Here are a few pieces that might just make someone you know happy! Happy Valentines Loves!

Heart Ornament, Makes a lovely little add in to a card, or a gift topper

Heart and Home Sculpture, A large statement piece Sculpture

Home in the Heart, A lovely little tabletop sculpture

Home Together, Another take on our Home and Heart theme, we do love our home

Date Sign, a perennial favorite gift, choose a date that has special meaning for you and loved one!

Personalized Candle Holder, Our newest piece, a darling little candle holder, engraved with the initials of your choosing!

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