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Meet Clover!

Meet Clover!
May 8, 2024 Kate Gatski

We are happy to introduce you to Clover! Ben and I have been wanting to make larger sculptural pieces for many years. We’re thankful we’ve had the opportunity twice, so far this year!  We made Marian earlier this year, and she spurred us onward into the larger/nearly large-as-life category. In creating Clover, our first sketches and design discussions were focused on a jumping cow. While it was a fun idea, we had to let that concept go. We then moved onto the idea of creating a large elk. Ben created some cardboard patterns, and metal forms but we soon realized the elk was not coming together. So, we circled back to the cow. Clover was certainly meant to be! We have entered her into the Art of the State exhibition along with Marian. We will keep you posted on how they do (we will hear back in June). In the meantime, let us know if you have any additional questions about Clover. You can purchase Clover here.  Also, if you would like to see our Instagram Reel of Clover, check that out here!


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