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What Was, Is Now… Archived

What Was, Is Now… Archived
October 18, 2015 Kate Gatski

I just had an epiphany (which makes Ben shake his head, because they do happen fairly often).  But anyway, I did realize that we have created a certain volume of metal designs over the past thirteen years. Neither Ben nor I have any art education or training, we are self-taught. What that means is… we try. We do lots (and lots) of trying and making. We are under no allusion that this volume is outstanding-  it’s simply a very satisfying result of years of trying and making.

 Not long ago, we were contacted by someone trying to track down information about one of our pieces that they had purchased at an estate sale. We then realized it would be helpful to have a visual collection of our “old work.” This would serve those who have purchased our work over the years. We established our “Archived Work” portfolio.
We are looking forward to maintain our Archives, as we create new pieces, and retire the old. No need to worry, Ben is happy to make certain archived work by request.  And, so what was, is now… archived. Have a look.

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