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Author archive for Kate Gatski

  • Nov052017

    New Fall Collection

    We’re excited to share our new collection of pieces with you! We enjoyed creating each one of these! Thank you…

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  • Oct162017

    Sleigh Delivery Service

    You know that hot air balloon delivery service I keep talking about? No? Well, I’ve been dreaming about it for…

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  • Sep182017

    The Book!

    I’m thrilled to share that the third edition of Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies is available on Amazon. It…

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  • Sep132017

    The Mythical Point System

    If I were hyper-systematic (a funny thought, right?), I might dream up a points system to help us prioritize our…

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  • Aug292017

    The Domino Trade

    Recently, our creativity has been on vacation. It could tell we didn’t really need it just now, so it said,…

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  • Jul252017

    Bobby Pin Sculpture

    I’ve come to realize how much you bring to the table (hint: a lot). I know I’ve said it many…

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  • Jun072017

    New Gatski Film

    We so very excited to share our new video with you! We had a lot of fun working with a…

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  • May222017

    New Work Spring 2017

    We’re excited to introduce you to our Spring Collection of new work! Listed here as shown (from left to right,…

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  • May222017

    Our Maker Lab

    Yesterday our son had a chance to go to a maker lab at a nearby school. He loved it! So…

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  • Apr172017

    Out and About

    I know almost nothing about the theater business, but I believe we’ve had what those in the know might call…

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