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Author archive for Kate Gatski

  • Sep152016

    Your Places

    Not everyone loves email.  But we are avid emailers, and we love it when our customers send an email to…

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  • Aug212016

    Imagining Where You Are

    This month we’re excited to try something different! We’ll be sharing a new story here on the blog and then…

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  • Aug092016

    Designing New Work (In Short)

    When you make your own design rules, there’s no telling where you’ll end up. You might find yourself discussing oversized…

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  • Jul212016

    Heading Out!

    We owe much gratitude to a handful of galleries tucked in cities and towns across the country. These jewels showcase…

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  • Jun292016

    Celebrating Independence – 15% Off!

    As you know, we are quite fond of our independence. We enjoy our freedom everyday, and hold it in highest…

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  • May302016

    Right On Tools

    We were current in 1978.  The work itself may have seemed peculiar in that time, but our tooling would have fit…

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  • Apr282016

    Spring Dreaming- We Would Love Your Input!

    These clear sunny days bring abundant inspiration; all things seem possible. Creative ideas bubble up like, well…spring water. We’ve had…

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  • Mar182016

    Keeping Our Eyes Open

    You know how people say, “I could do this with my eyes closed”? Wouldn’t that make for a sensational YouTube…

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  • Mar052016

    Avoiding the Tree

    You know when you’re flying down a hill on your toboggan and you have to lean really hard to avoid…

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  • Feb222016

    Logic In Our Design?

    What do a mountain goat, a hot air balloon, a beet, and a sun ray all have in common? Warm…

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