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Author archive for Kate Gatski

  • Nov042015

    Celebrate! And, Win a Moose!

    We are beyond excited to share our new website with you. Here are a few things we don’t want you…

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  • Oct202015

    Finding a Gatski

    Let’s put ourselves a half mile off the road, in the middle of the hills of Pennsylvania, and sell art.…

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  • Oct182015

    What Was, Is Now… Archived

    I just had an epiphany (which makes Ben shake his head, because they do happen fairly often).  But anyway, I…

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  • Oct182015

    Hidden Benefits

    What’s that saying about hidden benefits?   I wish I could summon the perfect quote at the perfect moment, adding some…

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  • Oct152015

    What Do You Want to Say?

    This is in the not so big news category, but something I’ve been wanting to tell you. Thanks for sticking…

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  • Oct012015

    So Many Friends, So Little Time

    This is not my average problem. Truthfully,  I’m not talking about real-life, “friends.” I’m talking about opportunities (which I do…

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  • Sep232015

    Go(ne) With the Wind

    The newest chapter in The Gatski Guide to the Galaxy might begin, “Go forth with courage, creativity…and a credenza.” What was…

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  • Sep012015

    A Gatski At Home

    Dear friends, Not long ago you started sending us photos of your pieces in their homes. It may have started…

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