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Inspired By

  • Aug212016

    Imagining Where You Are

    This month we’re excited to try something different! We’ll be sharing a new story here on the blog and then…

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  • Apr282016

    Spring Dreaming- We Would Love Your Input!

    These clear sunny days bring abundant inspiration; all things seem possible. Creative ideas bubble up like, well…spring water. We’ve had…

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  • Feb222016

    Logic In Our Design?

    What do a mountain goat, a hot air balloon, a beet, and a sun ray all have in common? Warm…

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  • Oct182015

    What Was, Is Now… Archived

    I just had an epiphany (which makes Ben shake his head, because they do happen fairly often).  But anyway, I…

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  • Sep232015

    Go(ne) With the Wind

    The newest chapter in The Gatski Guide to the Galaxy might begin, “Go forth with courage, creativity…and a credenza.” What was…

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  • Sep012015

    A Gatski At Home

    Dear friends, Not long ago you started sending us photos of your pieces in their homes. It may have started…

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  • May142015


    Math is not my strong suit (thankfully, Ben has a knack for it). I can imagine straight distances, but circumference…

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  • Apr242014

    At Work

    Work is timeless – it’s about hauling, heaving, bending, sawing, grinding and welding. Inspiration comes when it’s good and ready…

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  • Feb072014

    New 2014 Gatski Metal Catalog!

    We’re so pleased to share our fresh, new 2014 catalog with you.  Please do let us know if you need…

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  • Jan262014

    How We Work: Making a Cow Sculpture

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxyrxiuhU5s This year we are very ready to share more stories from our little shop on the hill. We enjoy…

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