Author archive for Kate Gatski

  • Jan232018

    Artist Discovery

    Art by Pamela Zagarenski It can get a little stuffy in January. Partly because we dare not open the window…

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  • Jan102018

    Out with the old… Archiving

    Out with the old… we’re archiving! On February 1, 2018 these pieces will be archived. You can view our archives…

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  • Dec192017

    Treading Carefully

    Lest you think it’s all hot cocoa by warm firesides up here on the hill, let me assure you that…

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  • Nov202017

    Your Gatski Gifts!

    The holidays are here! We are excited to be working on your special gifts! It brings us great pleasure to make unique,…

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  • Nov122017

    Yay! It’s a Gatski Metal Giveaway!

    We have a winner! Thank you all for entering out 2017 annual giveaway. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and support…

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  • Nov122017

    A Nutty Season

    “It’s a nut year!” my mother has declared. And I would have to agree. It seems like everywhere we go,…

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  • Nov052017

    New Fall Collection

    We’re excited to share our new collection of pieces with you! We enjoyed creating each one of these! Thank you…

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  • Oct162017

    Sleigh Delivery Service

    You know that hot air balloon delivery service I keep talking about? No? Well, I’ve been dreaming about it for…

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  • Sep182017

    The Book!

    I’m thrilled to share that the third edition of Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies is available on Amazon. It…

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  • Sep132017

    The Mythical Point System

    If I were hyper-systematic (a funny thought, right?), I might dream up a points system to help us prioritize our…

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