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Gatski at Home

  • Nov182015

    All in the Name

    There’s Maury and Eric. Then there’s Monty and Rusty. And of course, there’s Moose Wellington and Moostafa. I could go…

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  • Jan122012

    Kate’s Kitchen – Simplicity and a Recipe for Carrot Cupcakes

    It’s January. It’s a fabulous time of year to play in the kitchen! My kitchen was having a field day…

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  • Oct202011

    Inspiration in Venison Pie

    Every day I run down thru the tweets of those I follow. It’s a semi mindless exercise – kind of…

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  • Apr192010

    On Pigs, Instinct & Flavor of Life

    Hold on to your seats, I’ve got some pig ponderings. As the warmth of spring reaches deep into the ground…

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  • Mar312010

    Kate’s Kitchen- Sausage & Biscuits

    I love a good basic meal; one with a couple ingredients that are easy to fetch from the farm. Up…

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  • Mar042010

    Kate’s Kitchen- Homemade Pizza

    I find bliss in the kitchen- particularly when working on something simple and a tad creative. No need to run-…

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  • Feb222010

    Friends in Boots – Wild For Salmon

    Welcome to the first installment of Friends In Boots! You must be up to something when you’re wearing barn boots,…

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  • Oct152009

    Welcome Friends!

    Welcome dear friends! It is with great pleasure that we bring you The Steel Fork. As Ben first put it,…

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