• Mar182016

    Keeping Our Eyes Open

    You know how people say, “I could do this with my eyes closed”? Wouldn’t that make for a sensational YouTube channel, where you show us what you really can do with your eyes closed? Ok, maybe not… But when you get right down to it, there’s actually not much we could do with our eyes closed – though there sure

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  • Mar052016

    Avoiding the Tree

    You know when you’re flying down a hill on your toboggan and you have to lean really hard to avoid hitting a tree, cornstalk, or whatnot? Then you right yourself and regain your point of balance only to do it all over again when the next obstacle arises? We’ve been doing that lately – well, not so much the sledding

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  • Feb222016

    Logic In Our Design?

    What do a mountain goat, a hot air balloon, a beet, and a sun ray all have in common? Warm air is often involved? They can be white? They are new Gatskis? Yes! That’s it! Indeed, they are new Gatskis! We started off our most recent round of new work with a desire to create something similar in spirit to

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  • Feb032016

    American Craft Council Show in Baltimore

    Hi friends,   We wanted to let our buyers know that we will be exhibiting at the wholesale portion of the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore on Feburary 17 and 18th, 2016. We are excited to see you, our buyers, there. You can find us in booth #4510. We are looking forward to personally introduce you to our new

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  • Feb022016

    Introducing our New 2016 Catalog

    We’re thrilled to introduce you to our new 2016 catalog. This year we tried something a little different. We added a few stories (or excerpts) from our monthly email newsletter. We wanted to give you a better feel for our life here on Gatski Mountain. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for looking!  

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  • Feb012016

    New Limited Edition Series

    We like to seize the New Year as a chance to chart out some new endeavors. This year, one of our plans is to create a new, limited-edition Gatski each month (only 10 in each edition). Each will be a simple, smaller piece with a seasonal theme. They will be inscribed with the edition number and the date and sold

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  • Jan302016

    New Year – New Video

    Hear from us in person about what we’re excited about in this coming year! Thanks for watching!

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  • Jan232016


    I would like to propose a new word: “foreverline” (a combination of the words “forever” and “online”). This describes the life expectancy of any photograph or text that you share online – something akin to the longevity of what you share. (You could also say, “it’s like a long time” or “it’s like forever and eva and eva.”)   My

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  • Dec112015

    A Complementary Snowflake

    Any order over $50 from December 10th until December 18th will receive a complimentary snowflake ornament. We love the idea of sending you a gift! And, as a reminder, we are happy to take your holiday orders until December 18th (US orders only), after which would be happy to talk about expedited shipping options. You can shop for our work

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  • Dec102015

    Merry Moosemas!

    This seems like a good time of year to be a juggler. And maybe a clogger. Is there such a person? A clogging juggler — maybe on YouTube? Anyway, it seems like it would be useful to be able to keep lots of things going at one time (which we’re always doing) while also moving around quickly (something else we

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