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Rural Living

  • Apr122018

    The Lab Lane

    There are country roads, superhighways, canal paths, byways, rail trails, boulevards, and all manner of corridors from one location to…

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  • Dec192017

    Treading Carefully

    Lest you think it’s all hot cocoa by warm firesides up here on the hill, let me assure you that…

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  • Nov122017

    A Nutty Season

    “It’s a nut year!” my mother has declared. And I would have to agree. It seems like everywhere we go,…

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  • Sep152016

    Your Places

    Not everyone loves email.  But we are avid emailers, and we love it when our customers send an email to…

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  • May062014

    Getting Green

    Spring has arrived on our hill! We’re thrilled. It felt like a long winter of hauling firewood to both the…

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  • Nov162012

    Our Work, Our Place, Our Life


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  • Mar152012

    Joy, Trouble & Chocolate

    Meet our Jersey Girl, Chocolate. She is a descendant of Ben’s original milking herd. He bought a herd of dairy…

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  • Feb022012

    garden dreams

    Happy February! Each day brings a little more light to our days.  Even the smallest steps can bring monumental optimism.…

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  • Nov062011

    Farmer & Maker

    I know you are quite busy- so here’s a little update… our blog has a new name “farmer & maker.”…

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  • Oct202011

    Inspiration in Venison Pie

    Every day I run down thru the tweets of those I follow. It’s a semi mindless exercise – kind of…

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